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The Grape Cycle is comprised of a team of wine industry experts in the area of business operations and sales.  We provide all levels of service and management for an estate winery to build a customized plan that leads to growth within the U.S. market.  



The Grape Cycle provides a comprehensive list of wine management services for estate wineries worldwide. Our experienced staff and partners navigate clients through the complexities of the U.S. market to expand their wine brand. 


Our approach is personal; each of our wine navigators is responsible for a handful of wineries at a time.  We provide a solution based on the individual needs of an estate and careful evaluation of key operational pieces within the business cycle. We work with our wine producers to identify opportunities for improvement, expansion, and implementation.


The high standards a grower puts into the annual grape cycle is the same philosophy we apply to the business side of your estate winery. Access to our network of industry experts allows us to be flexible in our services and tailor each one to match the needs of the estate.

Image of a stack of barrels that outline the many services available at the Grape Cycle from Importation/Distribution to a Sales Strategy


I have worked with George since my early days in the cellar at Rubicon. Over the years, he has not only been a mentor to me, but many in the industry.

                ~ Rajat Parr


I've worked with George for over 10 years while he was the national manager of one of the best European wine import companies in the U.S. Bluntly put, George is an elite, savvy and hardworking national brand and sales manager.  He understands the U.S. distribution business inside and out as well as the operations of the import side of the business.  That is an extremely rare combination that makes his contributions highly valuable to all he works with.  Most impressively is his work ethic, which is second to none.  If you have a chance to work with him, you'll be in the best hands there are.

~ Steve Melchiskey

Managing Member

USA Wine West LLC


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