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The Grape Cycle provides the structure for a winery to succeed in the U.S. market.  A personal and professional relationship is an integral piece to the success of our partnership. 

Our first task is to listen. Listen to your story, passions, challenges, and long-term growth goals.

We always work within your winery’s core values and vision.  We share your commitment to your vineyard growth and development and, in turn, act as an ambassador to your wine brand.  Our regulatory knowledge across every market we serve is extensive.  Any roadblocks or obstacles encountered are easily solved by our access to a network of industry experts.  We are extremely flexible in our services and customize each solution to match the needs of the producer. 


From this philosophy and our 20 years of wine industry experience, we designed a detailed “100 point strategy” – a series of questions and evaluations that provide answers to build a clear go-to-market plan.


Our approach is to first work “inside the box” - assessing each operational component and how these processes integrate is an essential starting place for wineries to compete in the diverse and complex world of wine.  These fundamentals deliver to wholesale, retail, and, ultimately, the consumer everything that they expect in the form of Package, Product, Price, and Promotion. In tandem to this, we also understand the unique variables specific to your wine region and current market trends.

A winery experiences individual challenges and opportunities – we uncover what these are and put a plan of action together for your estate winery’s success.



  • Importation

  • Distribution

  • Registration

  • Compliance

  • Logistics

  • Sales Strategy

  • Marketing

  • Inventory

  • Analytics

  • Accounting

  • Legal

The Grape Cycle holds all Federal and State License necessary to conduct business and support our estate wineries.

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