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Cuchillo de Palo 

Vista Flores – Uco Valley, Mendoza

The 494-acre Cuchillo de Palo vineyard grows at the foothills of the Andes Mountain Range along the eastern edge, with the Tunuyán flowing just south of the area. Located in Vista Flores within the Uco Valley Region of Mendoza of Argentina, this is one of the world's highest wine regions, making it a coveted terroir. Each row of vines is meticulously tended by hand and nurtured with the same level of care as a cherished garden.

Cuchillo de Palo's origins stem from a partnership between two esteemed families from the region, Catena Zapata and Menendez Ross, who came together over a shared passion for the area's rich winemaking history, along with a desire to take both bold and creative steps as wine growers. Today, their wines have made a notable impression gaining widespread recognition and transcending all expectations.

The Story Behind Cuchillo de Palo & Casa de Herrero's Name

The phrase "En casa del herrero, cuchillo de palo" literally translates "In the blacksmith's home, a wooden knife." Figuratively, it reflects the idea that "The shoemaker's son always goes barefoot." This proverb emphasizes the irony that people with specific abilities or experiences may fail to use them in their own lives. It acts as a subtle reminder that even experts sometimes neglect their needs or fail to apply their skills in personal situations. So, when you see someone's actions contradict their expertise, you might use this phrase as a lighthearted reminder.


Altitude 3458 Feet

The mountainous terrain contributes to the region's soil complexity. Over time, water runoff from snow melting from the Andes deposited alluvial soils of sandy clay, rock, and calcareous silty loam, providing a free-draining base for vines.

The high altitude plays a significant role in the grape growing cycle providing intense sunlight and a fresh, cool climate. These ideal climate conditions allow for grapes to achieve full phenolic ripeness and, with the colder nights, slow down the ripening process, ensuring a balanced flavor complexity and acidity in the wine.

Featured Wine


Cuchillo de Palo 2022 Malbec

A small parcel whose attention to detail from the careful hand-picking of each grape to the creative ventures of their winemaking are meant to always produce a high-quality, superior wine.  

To the eye, intense red with purple reflections, and a medium-high body.

On the nose it combines the aromas of red fruits typical of Malbec such as plums and blackberries with hints of quince and violets with a smoky and spicy background provided by the French oak from its aging. On the palate it is broad with good body and structure, round tannins and a long finish.

91 Points – Vinous Media

2022 Malbec.png

Casa de Herrero 2022 Malbec

High – Altitude viticulture lends to the intense expression of rich flavors and well-structured found in this wine. Hand harvested on the second half of April. Fermentation is done at a medium temperature in small stainless-steel tanks, taking a total maceration time of 20 days.

Once the fermentation is finished, 50% goes to French oak barrels and the rest is kept in small stainless-steel tanks.

A fresh, fruity Malbec with aromas of red fruits similar to raspberry. With welcoming notes of vanilla and caramel provided by the barrel.  On the palate, silky tannins and medium body, with marked acidity, round.

91 Points – Vinous Media

Cabernet Franc.png

Casa de Herrero 2022 Cabernet Franc

A 100% Cabernet franc that captures the essence of the unique landscape of the Uco Valley.

Grapes are hand-harvested in the second half of April. Fermented at medium temperature in small stainless-steel tanks, taking a total maceration time of 20 days. 50% went to French oak barrels and the rest was stored in small stainless-steel tanks.

Medium-bodied, ruby red in color, with tears that leave color in the glass. Spicy on the nose, with notes of fresh pepper and black fruit. Firm and silky tannins on the palate, medium acidity that accompanies a persistent finish.

90 Points – Vinous Media

Cubero 2022 Malbec.png

Ojo de Buen Cubero 2022 Malbec

A standout Malbec of Uco Valley – a fresh, fruity and young wine, making it light and versatile with it’s stunning red color and purple reflections.

The origin of this wine's name is derived from cuberos, skilled artisans who make big wooden barrels known as cubas. Without precise measurements, they expertly guessed sizes, leading to the expression "An ojo de buen cubero" to describe their skillful estimation.

Carefully hand-picked in the first half of April. Fermented at medium temperature in small stainless-steel tanks, taking a total maceration time of 2 weeks. 40% go into French oak barrels and the rest stored in small stainless-steel tanks.

On the nose it is fruity, notes of fresh red fruit in jam and floral aromas are perceived. On the palate it is honest, repeats the red fruit, medium body with silky tannins and fresh acidity.

89 Points – Vinous Media

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