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Domaine Laurent Veyrat

Crozes-Hermitage - Northern Rhône

Beneath the rugged Vercors mountain range is Domaine Laurent Veyrat. A family-owned, organic farm whose deep, vibrant narrative began in 1600 AD. The vineyards reside in the Crozes-Hermitage appellation located along the eastern banks of the Rhône River.


The landscape includes 11 parcels of diverse vine plantings spanning 36 acres alongside flourishing fruit trees of apricot, pears and peaches and grain fields. A farm carefully tended to generation after generation with a long history of winemaking that captures the freshness of the Mediterranean climate, with a style that boasts of medium-bodied balance and characteristics that offer a pure reflection of Northern Rhone's reputable terroir.

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Drôme Region - Altitude 656 Feet

The nature of the climate is continental, meaning warm summers, cold winters and mild rainfall. Early in the growing season, Le Mistral, a strong, violent cold wind will push through the valley, leaving clear fresh weather in its wake, ensuring no moisture on the vine's leaves.


The terroir's soil is layers of porous granite, clay, limestone and loess (sedimentary silt deposited by wind.)

Featured Wine

L'Antre Cœur - 2020.png

L'Antre - Cœur 2020

Grown in the village of Chanos-Curson the Syrah grapes come from 25-30 year-old vines. Vinification takes place in thermoregulated raw concrete tanks and ovums using a gravity flow system giving wines a true fruit character without any influence. This 100% Syrah showcases a big, gamey, meatiness with white pepper and green olive, which offers a sincere reflection of the Northern Rhône terroir.


90-92 Points - Jeb Dunnuck

L'Ivresse Des Voleyses 2020 .png

L'Ivresse Des Voleyses  2020

The Syrah grapes used in this wine come from 35–45 year-old vines located in the village of Chanos- Curson. Vinification takes place in thermoregulated raw concrete tanks and ovums using a gravity flow system. Medium-bodied, beautifully balanced wine rich in mineral and floral notes. Notes of spices, as well as ripe red and blue fruits, dominate the aromatic profile interwoven with pepper, flowery incense and spicy nuances. 


91-93 Points - Jeb Dunnuck

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