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Viña Meín – Emilio Rojo
Ribeiro - Avia Valley

In 2019 Viña Meín and Emilio Rojo joined the Alma Carraovejas family. The story behind this venture was their commitment to preserving the vineyard's historic legacy in The Avia Valley. This 44 acre vineyard dates back to the 11th century when the San Clodio Monastery transformed the area to become the heart of wine production in Ribeiro. Viña Meín was the first white in Ribeiro to achieve notoriety within Madrid's wine scene.  Emilio Rojo, devoted vigneron, grows his 3.7 acres of strains alongside Viña Meín and is known for his premium wines from these ancient vines and for incorporating his well-known winemaking traditions.

Altitude 328 - 656 feet

The Avia Valley's landscape is defined by granite bedrock, thermal hot springs, and historical, terraced vineyards that line the valley hillsides and riverbanks. The local soil is known as ¨Sábrego¨, a Galician word for this specific type of soil comprised of a decomposed granite base mixed with clay and sand. Ribeiro's unique microclimate includes strong air currents from the Atlantic Ocean that favor a slow ripening process and preserve the aromatic components of the grapes. The mountain ranges to the northwest allow for drier ripening conditions in an otherwise rainy area.

Featured Wines


O Gran Meín Blanco 2021

Rooted in Ribeiro´s small-production viticulture heritage, O Gran Meín Blanco is a blend of local varieties grown harmoniously together on 40 acres of decomposed granite soil known locally as ´Sábrego.´ Fermented and aged 10 months on the lees in stainless steel, oak and concrete, it is aromatic, round, elegant and expressive of fresh citrus and flowers.    

93 Points - Luis Gutiérrez


Rooted in Ribeiro´s small-production viticulture heritage, O Gran Meín Tinto is a blend of two local varieties grown on 3.7 acres of decomposed granite soil known locally as ´´Sábrego.´´ Fermented in open-top wooden vats and aged 11 months in large oak, it is a genuine expression of a Ribeiro red – smooth and elegant with fresh floral and spicy notes.

O Gran Meín Tinto 2020

95 points - Tim Atkin

92 points -  Wine Advocate


Emilio Rojo Blanco 2020

Emilio Rojo founded this winery in 1987 to restore the ancient viticulture heritage of the Avia Valley – a former Roman village in Ribeiro, Galicia and one of the most prolific winemaking regions in Spain since the 11th century.


Emilio produces his white from barely 4 acres of terraced hillside vineyards in decomposed granite soil known locally as ´´Sábrego.´´ Its north-facing aspect offers vibrant acidity and with only six bunches to a vine, yields are low and exceptionally concentrated.


Fermented and aged 16 months on the lees in stainless steel, this unoaked white is elegant and pure with nuanced flavors of citrus, orchard fruits, white flowers, wild herbs and honeysuckle.

95 Points - Robert Parker Wine Advocate, Luis Gutiérrez

95 Points - Josh Raynolds

94 - 96 Points - Wine Advocate

94 Points - Guia Peñín


Viña Mein Blanco 2022

The 12 small plots grow in the Ribeiro region across 40 acres of land with varying slopes and aspects that allow the grapes to benefit from different sun exposures. The vines thrive in the ´´Sábrego´´ soil, unique to this region and comprised of decomposed granite, sand and clay.


It is an aromatic, vibrant white wine with a serious, textured palate that combines fresh citrus fruit flavors with nuanced herbal notes of moss and wet stone.


Grapes are hand-harvested based on the optimal ripeness of each bunch, then transported in small crates back to the winery, where each plot and variety is kept separate for individual fermentation. The aging period is 10 months on the lees in mostly stainless steel with some concrete, 600L French oak barrels & 1,200L Foudres.

91 Points - Robert Parker Wine Advocate, Luis Gutiérrez

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